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This beautiful 18 inch doll has vinyl arms and legs and a soft body. She is posable and can stand on her own. She has soft and silky hair that can be styled. Her sleeping eyes open and close.  Her quality can be compared to other top brands. She is the ultimate modern girl living in NYC. A child's Best Friend The New York Doll Collection has created the ultimate doll that your child will cherish for years to come. Your doll comes in a stylish designed keepsake storage box to keep your doll safe when she is not being played with. The shoe style box is durable corrugated board that has been tastefully designed and tested for durability so your doll can easily be stored, or keep her safe while traveling.


About Madison:

Hi, I'm Madison. I live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, with my Mom, Dad, and cat, Cinnamon. My parents work late, so my babysitter, Kayla, picks me up from school. She's sixteen years old and is really good at painting nails and having adventures in the city, but she’s a terrible cook, so I’ve learned how to make my own dinners. Now I cook for both of us. So far I’ve made lasagna, pizza, and even a pot-roast. 

I miss my parents a lot when they’re not home, especially my dad, because he's good at helping me with my reading. I have dyslexia, which makes it really hard to read the alphabet in the right order. You need a lot of patience when your dyslexic because reading takes twice as long. Luckily I have a nice Language Arts teacher, Ms Schuller. She knows reading is hard for me, so she makes sure I get really funny books to take home for assignments. She knows I like to laugh at goofy characters, so she always gives the books with the silliest characters to me. Although I don’t love characters in reading, I love watching characters in movies. One day I want to direct big feature films. Right now I’m practicing filmmaking by doing short movies on my smart phone. 

My favorite place in New York is Times Square! It’s full of dazzling lights and is always packed with New Yorkers and tourists. As a moviemaker who likes to people watch for inspiration, I could stand in the center of Times Square all day with my filmmaking journal. My biggest dream is to win an Oscar for directing a film. I want to be a really successful filmmaker who creates movies that make a difference in the world.