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A new spin on weaving - The Spindle Weaving Loom.

Beautiful projects are woven before your eyes. Tweens and teens eagerly follow the directions and learn to use the ingenious Spindle Weaving Loom.

No complicated mass of string and yarn, the Spindle Weaving Loom keeps things simple, easy and untangled. Create a cellphone case, purse, hand warmers, scarves, and whatever you decide.

The loom is simple and easy to operate.

Place the pegs into the holes. Then, cut the yarn into long sections to create one length of the weave. Illustrated instruction make the setup a breeze. For the croos-section of the weave, slide the yarn down the middle of the pegs. Rotate the handle and repeat. Rotate and repeat...

Try all sorts of styles, patterns and weights of yarn... the results are always beautiful.

Loopdeloom - Spindle Weaving Loom Kit
A simple and easy way to weave fun projects
Inspire creativity and handiwork
Make cellphone case, shoulder bag, hand warmers, potholders, cuff bracelets, anything!
Weave items any length, and up to 7 inches with one loom
Simple and easy to operate, no batteries required
Includes spinning loom base, 15 pegs with integral guides, 120 yards of yarn
Requires scissors, not included
Loom measures 7 inches across
Combine multiple looms for larger projects, sold separately
Instructions included